Richland One Middle School Basketball 2021 Semi-Finals

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Congratulations to the ladies of @hopkinsmssports as they advance to the @richlandonea Middle School Championship with a victory over @athletics_wgs! Great play by both teams. Final score Hopkins 42, Sanders 39

Game two came all the way to the end as @Athletics_WGS pulls off the win over a tough @HandMiddleSC team. Final score: Sanders 36, Hand 35.

Game 3 is in the books! @CraytonAthleti1 ladies takes it, scoring 36 points over a @heyward_gibbes team that show it had heart while scoring 20 points.

Shout out to the guys of @CraytonAthleti1 as they secure their spot in the championship game with a 44-39 victory over @SMSScorpions.

Richland One Middle School 2021 SemiFinals – lifeisartstudios

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